OUR INTENTION IS TO PROVIDE YOU "THE INTERNET CUSTOMER" with quality GENUINE MERCEDES parts and great service. PRICES APPLY TO ONLINE SALES ONLY.You will be notified by email if we find that any of the terms need to be changed. This sometimes happens when the freight is not figured correctly or the part you selected is incorrect in our opinion. Some items may no longer be available to us or to you. Any purchase may be terminated by seller or buyer previous to being shipped if new terms are unacceptable by either party. Our website uses software for looking up part numbers, please keep in mind that this is for reference only, this catalog has a few innaccuracies (very few) but is the best we could find for the general public to use. We try to double check all part numbers for application but can not guarantee the accuracy of the catalog, please fill in you vehicle identification number (17 digits) when asked during the checkout process. This is very important, it allows us to determine if the Mercedes part you selected is correct for your Mercedes model and year. The vin number can easily be found on your registration or insurance card or even on the drivers door jam. Your vin number tells us everything about your car, model, year, color, engine codes etc. This all but guarantees accuracy as we double check every order. THE VIN # IS VERY IMPORTANT.

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